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July 28, 2014, 1:00 PM


Let's make the Golden Rule a Golden Reality in Amador Co.

The kick off in preparing for the upcoming Compassion Games( 9/11-9/221) began Sunday with a bang. Pastor Karen gave a wonderful sermon on the Kingdom of Heaven using as one of her examples "The Kingdom of Heaven is like a congregation who has great empathy for the hungry and the homeless. And in its passion for a just world, goes out and buys a bunch of food and makes care packages for the homeless. And then when spotted, offers those who are in need of food, a package made with love."  (7-27 sermon)

Twent five+ bags were packed and are ready to be handed out to those who need some food.

The challenge was issued to begin training for the games by recording the acts of compassion preformed on links to be made into a paper chain with the goal being to have enough links in our chain to circle Trinity Church prior to the beginning of the games.  The chain will become a visual sign of our efforts to make our world a more compassionate place.

The Compassion Games are designed to help, heal and inspire, making our community a safer, kinder, more just and better place to Live. They being on 9/11 each year and end on 9/21, the International Day of Peace.  

The 4 Principles of Compassion

  • To cultivate a disposition of loving-kindness and respect in ourselves

  • To exhibit that in how we approach each human we interact with.

  • To commit to the service of others-in our neighborhood, in our country, even across the world.

  • To adopt an open-mindedness-and generative, generous spirt-that leads to a creativity in solving the world’s challenges

To find out more about the games: http://compassiongames.org/

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