February 2017  
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Trinity Episcopal Church, Sutter Creek, CA

We, the members of the Missio:Engage! team, enter into a covenant with God and one another to fulfill our mission of radical hospitality by taking our joy and energy out into the community and sharing the Good News of Jesus Christ with all we encounter.  We promise faithfulness, respect, and honor to all members, the parish and the community.

The role of the team leader is to be the facilitator of meetings and projects.  This person is to schedule the meetings and develop the agendas.

The role of the Facebook liaison is to post information from our team to the larger group.

The role of the rector is to be a consultant.  She will attend the webinars and meetings on an as needed basis.  She is the team’s spiritual advisor and main supporter in the congregation and the vestry.

The role of the Vestry is to be supportive and help disseminate information to the congregation.

Our two year commitment to each other is to practice radical hospitality and be neighborly to all.

Our commitment to the process and to each other leads us to seek the better, more spiritual self in each other and in those we encounter.

Our team will recruit, orient and train new members in the Missio-Engage! process.

This covenant will be posted at the Missio-Engage! bulletin board in the parish hall and publicized in the church Newsletter.

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