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Trinity 2023 Annual Meeting
was held
Sunday, January 22, 2023
Trinity did its first "hybrid meeting" with meeting attendees in church able to see Zoom attendees, and vice versa.
Minutes of 2023 meeting, Click Here
Vestry and Committee Annual Reports
The minutes of the 2022 annual meeting and 2022 reports were accepted.


Read 2022 minutes here.

Read 2022 reports here.

Vestry Elections
Three members are retiring from the Vestry after serving three years as prescribed by our by-laws.
David Hoos, Nancy Moore, Amanda Parker
Thanks and gratitude go to the these individuals for the leadership and service they have provided during these unrepresented times for Trinity.
Remaining members (term ending) on the Vestry are:
Mary Krauthamel (2023), Laurie Jo Leed (2023),
Meg Verardi (2023), Steve Christensen (2024),
Carol Holt (2024), Steve Russell (2024)
Elected Vestry Member
 Julie Mathis was elected to the Vestry with a term expiring in 2025.

Thank you Julie for stepping forward!

We now have seven Vestry members, with Julie's election, to carry out the responsibilities of running the church, down from our usual nine. Our by-laws state we must have a minimum of FIVE Vestry members.
Diocese Annual Convention
2023 Diocesan Convention 
November 3 – 4, 2023
Faith Episcopal Church, Cameron Park
We voted for three delegates in the meeting to represent Trinity at the Diocese Annual Convention.
Steve Christensen, Mary Krauthamel, Meg Verardi
Alternate delegates, should any of the delegates be unable to attend convention, are:
Carol Holt, Nancy Moore
Thank you to those who have volunteered to
participate and uphold the democratic process in the Episcopal Church.