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The Little Church that CAN!

Published in Diocese E-New June 28, 2022

By Mark Dibelka

Left: Lis Padula, Diocese (Re)Start Coordinator - St. Michael’s | Carmichael with Sparky the Fire Dog
Middle: Catherine Maloney - Faith | Cameron Park, Steve Christensen and Meg Verardi - Trinity | Sutter Creek;
Right: Smokey Bear and Disaster Resilience display - all photos taken at the Amador County Smokechaser Fair
Remember the childhood story of “The Little Engine that Could”?. It encourages us to believe in ourselves even when the outlook is not in our favor.
 This childhood story has been the background for one of our scrappy congregations, in one of the more remote parts of our diocese. The story of Trinity Episcopal Church in Sutter Creek starts out rather familiar to many of us: reduced community interest in Christian life, retirements and health problems taking the congregants away, the local economy softening – all leading to a small, lay led congregation.
Fortunately, this resolute band of parishioners decided to take on the challenge of determining what “church” means to them, rather than hang their collective head in defeat.
Trinity Sutter Creek, is making a name for itself in the diocese as “The Disaster Church. Not because they are a disaster, but because they have focused their congregational mission on disaster resilience. They have turned their vision outwards and begun turning their compassion into action in support of the Caldor Fire survivors as well as participating in events that bring attention to the importance of preparation before disaster strikes.


It's Happening!!

Trinity has been called to
deploy our bins to Caldor fire survivors returning home.


Bin Packing "Party"
On July 3 nine of our congregation answered the call to help prepare bins.
We have 15 bins ready for delivery.
Deepest thanks goes to:
Top (l-r): Steve C., Jan, Steve R., Lila, Meg
Bottom (l-r): Laurie Jo, Gail, Keith
Photographer, David and 9th packer behind camera.

Thanks also goes to our supply shoppers Noreen and Steve C.

Delivering Bins July 13 for

West Slope Foundation

Distribution Event on Sunday

David, Steve R., Meg and husband Frank load up and deliver bins to
Scot (photo lower left) of the Western Slope foundation.

Reminder: Now the bins are gone, we need to rebuild our inventory for the next call.
In fact, it is possible Western Slope will need more supplies for Caldor survivors.
Therefore we ask you to sign up for an automatic recurring donation that fits your budget. Trinity will hold the funds in a designated fund account to be used only for Project ReStart.
--Go to ReStart Program and type in amount
--Go to Frequency of Donation drop-down menu and choose a frequency
--Please consider including covering the PayPal processing fees by clicking the box before proceeding to payment. Your total charges will be tallied.

Please help Trinity in this mission to serve our neighbors.

For more information contact Steve C.

Click to donate to our (Re)Start Bins

(Re)Start Diocese web link

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